The Quality of Life Foundation, planting seeds of happiness!

The Quality of Life Foundation

I have just started working for a great organzation called The Quality of Life Foundation with my good friend, Lee Hwang. The Quality of Life Foundation is a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit startup that seeks to engage volunteers to plant trees in public spaces in order to build stronger and healthier individuals, communities, and ecosystems. The foundation’s mission is to build a mindful and compassionate community that values and protects the planet’s natural ecosystems in service to humanity and all life on Earth.

Sound good?

We believe that there has been a spiritual underpinning to most great grassroots social movements. For example, Gandhi’s movement had a spiritual underpinning as did the Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights movement. The environmental movement has gained a huge amount of traction on a global scale in the last 5-10 years but much of this has been inspired by talks of gloom and doom. Fear and disaster have been motivations ahead of joy and abundance. Our foundation hopes to use the joy of tree planting as a way to build community and bring people back to themselves and closer to their loved ones.

Our main goal right now is to focus on a scale-able model that can be replicated and eventually spread to other cities, and eventually internationally. But we are very focused on making it work here in beautiful San Francisco first. Currently, we have our sights set on schools and open public spaces in or near urban areas where tree-planting is needed and can bring joy and meaning to young and old alike. We hope that both spiritual communities and schools are ripe for what we hope to facilitate.

If you would like to join the mailing list to find out about future tree planting events, please email me at matt at

You can read more about the foundation at and read a recent interview with Lee Hwang, executive director.

The Quality of Life Foundation
The Quality of Life Foundation

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